Austin, Texas trip for NAR

In early December 2019, Bruce attended a REALTOR Party Training Conference in his role as Region 7 Vice President of the National Association of REALTORS.  While it was a quick trip, mostly filled with conference meetings and duties, there was a little time for exploring and such.

Due to a VERY early flight into Dallas and then Austin, Bruce had most of the day free on Monday to explore.  Less than 2 miles away from the J.W. Marriott Hotel is the LBJ Presidential Library located on the University of Texas campus.

Along the way Bruce walked through the State Capitol Complex.  Rumor has it that the Texas State Capitol Building is the largest state capitol in the United States (it is Texas after all.)

Bruce got to tour the Capitol Building along with his fellow Regional Vice Presidents on Tuesday. Check out the pictures on FaceBook.

Along the way to the UT campus Bruce noticed a building with a name sign in German on it.  It is the The Austin Saengerrunde.  Where there is a German Singin…

3 Weddings and no funerals – but a couple of RV Trips!

This summer we attended 3 weddings.  The 1st was the marriage of one of our clients.  Bruce was the officiant at the wedding which was located at Patoka Lake State Park.  STATE PARK!!! Sounds like a great opportunity to take the RV.  We spent 4 nights at the park.   The weather was a bit iffy and we went through our first set of thunderstorms in the RV (one RV across the street from us lost their awning in the storm).  We also had time to do some work on the RV (this does seem to be a recurring theme).  Most importantly the sun came out on Saturday afternoon for the wedding of Rob and Sara.

A few weeks later the daughter of Bruce’s former Real Estate business partner Marvin was married.It was a beautiful event with the reception held in the Grand Hall at the Indianapolis Union Station. It was great to see all of the family as the Bride’s brothers have spread across the country but were back in Indy for the wedding.

A long weekend trip to Cincinnati took us to the wedding of Bruce’s cous…

Birthdays – Tulips – Lots of Firsts (for us!)

After having several upgrades and changes made to our rig in anticipation of becoming Full-timers next year, we were anxious to hit the road and try out our new things while at the same time celebrating both of our Birthdays (6 days apart).

So off to Holland, Michigan to join in on the Tulip Time festival.
First, let’s talk about the firsts!In the past month or so we had the following items installed in our rig.1.A Residential Refrigerator, 2.Easy Start units on both A/Cs. 3. JT Strong Arm stabilizers, 4. Splendide Combination Washer/Dryer, 5. Custom built shelving in the front Master Bedroom Closet, 6. A Berkey Water Filter, 7. Battery Operated Motion Sensing Lights for the inside stairs and ½ bath, and 8.LCI SolidStep entry stairs.Everything worked well and we are glad we made the choices.

With both of us being Taurus’s we were looking for a trip not too far from home where we could camp and enjoy an area we hadn’t been to before (well, I was here about 55 years ago).I had been thi…
Our First trip, New truck, well new to us, and our new RV.   Within about 2 hours into our trip my husband announces the RV is coming apart.  Well the thoughts that go through your head at the point were really out there. To my great relief, it was only the bottom half of one of our RV panels that was coming off and almost dragging on the ground, not the entire RV that I was expecting to see on the ground behind us on the highway.  We did not panic. I saw part of the panel come off of the large panel and walked back to get it just as it got run over by a car.  We were not able to recover the parts as the were gone with the wind. I walked back to the RV and truck and we limped down the highway with flashers on going about 20 miles an hour to try and get off the exit. 
Thank goodness for the cell phones. I looked up trailer parts and repair centers and found this great place that was open for another 1 1/2 hours. I called  and they agreed to look at it and see if they could put it back o…